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Mil Mi-17 (FS9)


It exists in many military and civil variations. Its primary utilization is military and commercial passenger transporting but it is also used as medium assault an infantry-backup helicopter.


  • Detailed gmax model based on real Mi-17 blueprints
  • Animated exterior and interior parts (doors, suspensions, controls, windows, pilots, etc.)
  • Detailed and full clickable virtual cockpit
  • Passenger cabin
  • Reflective and photoreal textures
  • English panels and instruments
  • Lights (landing, taxi, rotor, strobe, gauge, etc.)
  • Accurate flight dynamics
  • Custom gauges
  • English operation manual
  • Paintkit
  • Many implemented systems such as the electronic systems, fuel system, starter engine, fire-fighting and anti-icing system, flight control mechanism
  • All systems are created with the aid of real Mi-17 pilots and engineers, and the flight dynamics is tested by real Mi-17 and Mi-8 pilots.

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