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Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion (FSX)


The CH-53E Super Stallion is used by US Marine Corps for amphibious assault, carrying heavy equipment and armament, and recovering disabled aircraft;also used by US Navy for vertical onboard delivery and recovery of damaged aircraft from aircraft carriers.

The development of the CH-53E is based on the CH-53D.

Improvements include the addition of a third engine to give the aircraft the ability to lift the majority of the Fleet Marine Force's equipment, improved main rotor blades and composite tail rotor blades.

A dual digital automatic flight control system and engine anti-ice system give the aircraft an all-weather capability.

The helicopter seats 37 passengers in its normal configuration and has provisions to carry 55 passengers with centerline seats installed.



  • Accurate and detailed interior and exterior visual models and textures.
  • Custom exterior and interior animations such as foldable rotor and pylon, ramp door, EAPS, extendable refuel probe, gauges and switches.
  • Fully clickable dynamic virtual cockpit. Perfectly flyable from the VC.
  • Many implemented systems such as EAPS, de-ice system, firefighting
  • Realistic flight dynamics
  • Uses the newest FSX graphic featuires
  • Two variants with different paint schemes
  • PDF manual
  • Paint kit

2015-04-07   Guest:
leslie Gillespie
I just purchase the CH-53-E and I am having trouble with
flight control stick how can I fix this .Email
2015-05-15   Yvonne Slaughter:
I purschased awhile back but the exe. gives me a prompt saying the archive is either in unknown format or damaged and its an HTML file.
2015-05-18   Guest:
Please use Internet Explorer for downloading. Other browsers happen to recognize the files as html documents and download them as such.
2015-05-21   Yvonne Slaughter:
When i take off the chopper wants to turn its self right like its using its own rudder
2015-10-29   Derek:
Yvonne that yaw is the torque of the main rotor head, once you hit 60 knots the AFCS will provide turn coordination and will counteract that yaw automatically as well as yaw the aircraft automatically during a turn. If you have the issue after 60 knots, try calibrating your controls in FSX.
2016-12-08   Kevin:
My CH-53 wont stay running. When FSX starts and I select it its running but then the engines shut off