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Eurocopter EC-120B (FSX)


The Colibri EC-120B is a light single-engine helicopter which can carry up to 4 passengers in addition to the pilot.

The design of the cabin/luggage hold assembly makes it particularly suitable for widely different types of civilian and parapublic missions.

The first helicopter in its class to comply with the requirements of the new Joint Aviation Requirements - Small Rotorcraft regulations, the Colibri is fitted with crash-resistant fuel system, pilot and passenger seats. Very silent and with a very wide cabin featuring excellent visibility, the Colibri's flight comfort is unique in its category.

This extremely modern helicopter uses a lot of composite materials and is fitted with the latest technologies: a Turbomeca Arrius 2F engine and a new-generation shrouded tail rotor as well as modern avionics.


  • Accurate MAX models with custom animations
  • Three different models (standard, police, wirecutter)
  • Realistic sound setup
  • Realistic starting procedure
  • New reflective and shiny textures with bumpmaps
  • Dynamic virtual cockpit with animated instruments
  • Animated rotorblades, controls, pilots, switches, buttons
  • Paintkit
  • Flight dynamics tested by real EC120B pilot

2013-03-19   Dseminoff:
8 out of 10 :}

My opinion of the aircraft is quite great the model is good but kind of lacking in detail compared to the AS-350 or the samson but still just as you would expect from Nemeth.

As handeling goes kind of sluggish and kind of slow hard to pick up speed in after take-off well in transitional lift and can be complicated to do a proper landing in other words it has a border-line problem with floating you can latterly put the collective to the floor and not drop a inch to even drop you have to be going quite slow the problem is easy to get around you just need to plane far ahead before landing.

But try not to get too use to flying it because it can rune flying other machines because you will tend to over control on less sluggish aircraft.

Overall the aircraft is great but not excellent it is fun to fly and good for beginners.

8 out of 10 :}
2013-03-19   Dseminoff:
I forgot to mention that it is vary accurate to the Real Eurocopter

The EC-120B is a real awesome chopper and of corse a typical Eurocopter at altitude. it's rotors are shot and make the aircraft
good in tight situations and excellent visibility vary well suited for the Mountains.
2016-02-12   2016:
Having a problem adding liveries :(