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Eurocopter EC-135 (FSX)


The helicopter incorporates Eurocopter's low-noise patented Fenestron tail rotor. The array of ten blades in the Fenestron are arranged asymmetrically and are spaced at different intervals which substantially reduces the helicopter noise.


The standard version carries the pilot and six or seven passengers. The VIP / executive version is fitted for four or five VIP passengers. The cabin is fitted with large sliding doors for easy boarding and exit.

The Emergency Medical Service helicopter can be flown by one or two pilots. The helicopter can carry one or two stretcher patients and up to three doctors and medical attendants. Different medical installations are tailored to the operating organisation's need.

Eurocopter offers a choice of two engine types for the EC 135, both types equipped with Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC).

The FADEC system provides enhanced performance, engine protection and power plant monitoring. The engines available are the Turbomeca Arrius 2B (T) and the Pratt and Whitney Canada PW206B (P).

Additional liveries from Sebastien Pero:

2011-06-17   Bonedaddy:
This has to be one of my favorite Nemeth birds. The details are really nice. It fly's like a dream for a sim copter that is. I have never flown a real bird so I can't compare it as being life like. I just know it fly's nice and stable and is a real pleasure to fly. I fly this one more than any of my helicopters. Lots of repaints in sim forums for it, so everyone can have what they are looking for. Great little chopper. You can't go wrong with this one.
2013-08-13   Guest:
Why does it costs money?
2013-11-26   Hammburger:
It costs money because they did a lot of work to develop this product. The better question is: Why would they do it for free. 2+2 easy to understand
2014-05-15   liketofly:
My absolute favorite bird in FSX - now I changed to Prepar3D and unfortunately it seems to produce a conflict with ASN - another excellent "must have" addon ;-(( - crashing it pemanetly. I hope the developer makes an Prepar3D version of it....
2014-12-04   jhony:
testures in 1024 or 2048 ?
2014-12-04   Guest:
It is an older product so textures are 1024.
2015-01-10   Fred Bentley:
Awesome job, but I have to ask why no insturment functions (shift 2-8) like in other aircraft? No GPS, No Radio...... it would be great. I haven't looked for add-ons for these yet, hopefully they're out there, but for what it costs, it should've been included.
2015-04-05   Daniel Krall:
I love it! Altough it took me some time to find out how to start the engines after shutting them down. Great Aircraft. The only thing i don't like is that there are no repaints with radar noses, ... which may be on account of the helicopter.
But nevertheless 5*/5*!
2015-05-17   Guest:
*DELETED* - No advertisement please. Thanks.
2015-06-15   Klaus-Peter Anhalt:
Unfortunately the start sequence is very short and not reliable.
The real helicopter cannot bring the rotor from Zero to full Speed within 5 sec. The interior of this (I think older model) helicopter is not very sophisticated.
2015-07-04   Guest:
Where is the owners manual? Or did it not come with one?
2015-07-04   Guest:
Never Mind I found the manual
2015-10-24   Thom Langeveld:
Maybe slow down the Engine Start, would enhance realism
2017-09-10   Frederick Bittner:
Is there any way to enable the upper level autopilot functions? I fly the real thing, and I wanted to practice IFR, but without attitude/airspeed hold, it is impossible for me to do it right.