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Kamov Ka-26 (FS9)


The Ka-26, designed at the beginning of the sixties, is built for maximum simplicity and versatility as a "lifting system" consisting of the powerplant, contra-rotating rotor assembly, cabin, landing gear and twin endplate fin tail unit.

Loads and containers of various kinds can be installed immediately behind the cabin, beneath the rotors: a pod for six passengers, an open platform, tanks for liquid or solid insecticides or other products, and spray bars for agricultural use. A variant for geophysical survey is equipped with an electromagnetic pulse generator in the cabin and a big hoop antenna outside. Thanks to its compactness and stability, the Ka-26 can operate from small platforms and has been fitted with floats and used for fish-spotting.The Ka-26 went into service on a large scale in 1970 and has been exported for both civil and military use.

The Ka-26 was used by some Warsaw Pact armies in light dessant role, but its slow speed (travelling speed 150 km/h) and vulnerability limits its military use. It is, however, eminently useful for cropdusting. The coaxial main rotor configuration, which makes the Ka-26 small and agile, also results in a delicate airflow pattern under the helicopter, providing a thorough yet mild distribution of chemicals onto the plants. The Ka-26 is often used to spray grape farms in Hungary.


  • Passenger transport
  • Agricultural-utility (with sprayer system)
  • Accurate and detailed interior and exterior models
  • Reflective textures
  • Interior and exterior lights
  • 2D panels and full clickable 3D virtual cockpit
  • Animated parts (doors, pilots, switches, attitude indicator in VC, etc.)
  • Custom animations
  • Realistic flight dynamics tested by real Ka-26 pilot
  • Working sprayer device in utility version
2017-08-01   Fritz_Schmitz:
I bought this Helicopter and i fly it in FSX-SE, even it is an FS9 aircraft. I love to dust the crob! Great Model. I recommend it. I posted some screenshots of it in a forum. Here is the link (if links are not allowed here please just remove it):