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AgustaWestland AW109 (FSX)




The AW-109 helicopter charter, produced by Italian-based AgustaWestland, was originally designed to fly rescue missions and act as an emergency ambulance in the mountainous regions of Switzerland. The first Agusta A109, the A109A made his maiden flight on 4 August 1971 and the first production deliveries took place in late 1976. Later developments brought the A109 improvements such as a greater transmission rating, redesigned tailboom and a new tail rotor driveshaft, improved rotor blade life and modern avionics. The Agusta A109 became the AW109 following the 2000 merger of Agusta and Westland Helicopters to form AgustaWestland.

Since its inception, the AW109 has been modified and improved upon and now utilizes twin engines that enhance safety while flying in a variety of conditions over a range of 512 nautical miles. The Power variant is a 3 ton class eight seat helicopter powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW206C engines with FADEC. The spacious cabin is designed to be fitted with a number of modular equipment packages for quick and easy conversion between roles. This helicopter’s maneuverability allows it to take advantage of rooftop landing pads in even the most crowded urban environments, offering business executives nearly door-to-door service. The helicopter has high climb rate and cruise altitude of 13,000 feet. This executive helicopter has a cruise speed of 170 knots, making the commute from Manhattan to Newark easy and painless. The private charter of an AW109 provides up to seven passengers with ultimate luxury.

This products represents the AW109E Power variant.


- Option to chose between high and low definition textures for all versions
- Four different versions (air ambulance, air ambulance with winch, search & rescure, VIP transport)
- All versions with at least two liveries, 9 alltogether
- Custom external animations
- Two differet cabin configurations
- Detailed interactive virtual cockpit with custom animations and two different instrumentation layouts
- Custom moisture and rain effects
- Full support for FSX visual features (shadows, bump effect, bloom)
- Working hoist system on the "AA winch" and "R&R" version
- Controllable search light on the R&R version
- 3D gauges
- Full IFR capable autopilot
- PDF manual
- Paintkit

This addon requires Acceleration Expansion Pack for FSX preinstalled.


2011-06-12   Fer.:
Awesome bird....................congratulations. next weekend im buying my new one. .regards.
2011-06-12   savio nicolas:
le voila merci à nemeth designs très beaux travail

la compagnie Héli-Rescue va bien voler avec

encore merci

bon vol a tous
2011-06-12   Nicola Facchinelli:
The AW109 is amazing, very detailed in every detail, the cockpit is fully clickable, accurate procedures for real, functioning autopilot, a true masterpiece! The ND staff has done a great job! Congratulations!
I recommend everyone buy it!
2011-06-12   Jonathan Bateman:
Nothing that I write here can justify the job that the Nemeth and Milviz team have done. Simply Epic
2011-06-13   Eberhard Haberkorn:
Great rendition of a great helicopter. Well done. I'm not a bit helicopter fan, but this is it! Been looking forward to it for a while. Love the detail and the crisp VC textures.
Definately worth the money!
2011-06-13   Iwan Plomp:
Just hat a smal testflight in it. Frames are good (Used the high res version), i never flew a real A109 but it feels realistic, it look amazing, seen nothing wrong with it jet. o, and the auto pilot works!!!!

Very nice so far.

Kind Regards.

2011-06-13   Gaiiden:
Wheels-up helis are sexy. This'll be my next heli purchase for sure!
2011-06-14   Antonio Tufano:
Finally, it is mine......congratulations ;)
2011-06-14   Bruno Bit:
2011-06-14   Thomas Schedl:
great Helicopter thank you so much for creating!
2011-08-21   Bat_Hawk:
Morning All, I have just purchased and flown this amazing helo for a quick test flight. What a easy machine to handle just with a flight stick and no rudder pedals. This handles like a finely tuned engine. I am very impressed. This was well worth the purchase.

I am hoping the AW139 is next with the colours of the medi vac helo that Ornge uses in Ontario

Great Job

2011-10-25   Maciek:
Fantastic job ! Hungarian rules ;)
2013-06-17   Nick:
Bought it and loved it!!! This is one of my favourite helicopters and thanks a lot for making it! Amazing 3D models, cockpit etc!!

Now, like the AS350, I do hope very much that you also have a plan to introduce this amazing AW109 to X-Plane 10. If yes, I'll be all over it for sure!!

Love this bird!!
2014-06-09   Christopher Tufts:
Just bought it and added the Ornge texture to it. Something that caught my eye is somebody mentioned that this is easy to fly without pedals. Does this bird not constantly pull hard to the right, even in a left bank? It seems excessive to me. Other han that, I love it!
2014-12-30   sinedius:
hi all,
how can i apply the swiss rega design for use in fxs ?
many thanks
2014-12-30   sinedius:
ok i found it. just check show all variants.
2016-04-07   Guest:
I need Youtube startup videos but i can't start my helicopter can you help me ? thanks

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