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Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil (FSX)


The AS350 appeared first under the Aerospatiale brand label but later in 1992 Aerospatiale and Daimler Benz Aerospace merged their helicopter divisions forming Eurocopter, since then it is recognized under the brand name Eurocopter. All seats in the passenger cabin face forward for optimum view of vision. The single engine AS350 Ecureuil is renowned for its high performance, its safety and its reduced operating costs and it also boasts a low vibration level. It is Europe’s most successful helicopter! The high performance, powerful AS350 B3 is designed to carry out the most demanding missions in the most extreme weather and geographical conditions. Its exceptional lifting power, high endurance, extended range and fast cruise speed make virtually any job looks easy. The AS350 B3 proved its power with a record breaking landing on Mount Everest. The use of composite materials for airframe, rotors and main rotor head combine to give the AS350 B3 lightweight and easy maintenance.


This addon represents the B1 and B3 versions with the following variants:

  • Passenger transport (B1; B3)
  • Utility with hoist system (B1)
  • Passenger transport with utility basket (B1)
  • Emergency Medical Services (B3)
  • Law enforcement with hoist system (B3)



- Two different versions (B1, B3) with 6 variations overall

- 11 different liveries

- Custom external and internal animations

- 5 different cabin configurations.

- Detailed interactive virtual cockpits with custom animations.

- Full support for FSX visual features for both inside and outside(shadows, bump effect, bloom)

- Working hoist systems on the law enforcement and utility variants.

- Controllable search light on the law enforcement variant.

- 3D gauges

- Painkit

- PDF manual

This addon requires Acceleration Expansion Pack for FSX preinstalled to run properly.


Paintkit - police

Paintkit - EMS & transport

Paintkit - winch

Operation Manual


2011-12-25   héli-rescue:
merci pour ceux cadeaux de noel un beaux 350. je vais tester sa tout de suite..

bon vol a tous.
2011-12-25   Rômolo:
Awsome aircraft! Thanks!
2011-12-25   Roland Oga:
Wow, Guys, this is a real piece of art, danke!
2011-12-26   Iwan Plomp:
Im not saying its not good. butt the position lichts dont work..

or they are so faint that i can not see them..

Why VC crew.?????. they dont add anyting good...
2011-12-26   Iwan Plomp:
It is, dispite my earlier review a diamond...
2011-12-28   mario romeo:
good helicopter great job has been done thanks
2011-12-28   Nicola Facchinelli:
Fantastic Helicopter! I love AS350B3 Great Job! Thanks
2011-12-28   Tobias Koch:
The Engine will not Start up !!!
i´m very sad about this Problem :(
2011-12-30   David:
Looks stunning!!

Has anyone an ideo how large the download is??

2012-01-02   BAUD William:
bonjour,j ai un petit probleme au niveau du telechargement nemeth ne ma envoyer qu une clef de telechargement apré le payment je suis donc un peut embeter si quelq un pourait m aider merci d avence
2012-01-12   Álvaro Javam César Toledo Piza:
Fantastic Helicopter! I love AS350B3 Great Job! Thanks 2

to engine is start is necessary fsx acceleration!!! bye!

more questions?
2012-01-28   Roger Larsen:
This is one of the most used helicopters in Norway, followed by the Robinson R22 R44 . Awesome aircraft indeed.

Im gonna build a cockpit of the AS350, so this is the addon i am gonna use to input my cockpit.

Awesome job guys, the textures look so detailed. Awesome !
2012-02-25   Dan:
Are there multiple door configurations as well? The Squirrel has 4 possible door combinations, and it'd be nice to see the dual sliding door config in this
2012-03-08   Yngve:
I have some problems with the rudder/tailrotor. Also the capability to autorotate is not pressent. Hope that there will a updat soon.
2012-03-18   schloester:
What can I do????
I installed it properly...If I choose the helicopter in fsx, it doesn't work! I just see the pilots...and start flying is impossible!
Does any other one have the same problem?
2012-06-14   Rider 11:
This helo is great, I wish there was a sound pack. But it has nice flight dynamics, (its no dodo) but better then all others aside from previous mentioned. Visuals are great, sounds are ok, I wish they had a patch. Wont regret your purchase, I DO NOT ENDORSE DODO!!!
2013-02-09   Alexander Jäkel:
Thank you for so many great Helicopters!
To me it started all with the freeware MD-500E, that was the first time i was reading the name Nemeth and i'm glad you still making beautiful helis for FS :)
The AS-350 is one of my favorite ones and i'm really happy with your work on that one too :)

2013-06-20   napilot:
I am pleasantly surprised!(V1.2, EH101) The VC is high end. The sound is very good. Wish list: tone for doors and switches.
The helicopter is not too sensitive, in reality, I think helicopters are even more sensitive! One problem is often the hardware. You can not expect to control a real helicopter with a "Logitech stick"! Also, the FSX must be set to performance.
Good work. Thank you!
2013-07-16   Guest:
How is the cockpit ?? There is no picture of the cockpit. I wanna purchase the aircraft but need the details of the cockpit anyone knows how the details of the cockpit is ??

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