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Eurocopter AS-355 Ecureuil II (FSX)


Coupled with its fuel endurance of up to 3.5 hours, it is especially suited to Search & Rescue flights over the ocean. With excellent handling, robustness and ease of maintenance, the AS355 incorporates twin-engine added reliability and performance, making it ideal for police and parapublic missions, as well as demanding operations over water, rugged terrain and urban areas.  Renowned for its low operation and maintenance costs, this helicopter benefits from the reliability and safety of its two Turbomeca

Arrius 1A1 engines, and is equipped with a full authority digital engine control (FADEC) system. The lifting capability of the AS355 is 700 kg on the hook, making it suited to aerial crane operations within populous areas, with the added safety of the twin engine configuration. With the enhanced safety of the twin-engine performance, and with the capability of carrying 4 -6 passengers, the AS355 is a cost effective way to carry out charter to move staff to and from isolated work sites, or to carry out survey flights.



- 6 variations with three different panel configuration
- 8 different liveries
- Full support for FSX visual features for both inside and outside(shadows, bump effect, bloom)
- Working hoist system on the utility variant.
- Controllable search light on the law enforcement variant.
- High definition exterior and interior textures
- Bump and specual maps for both the exterior and interior
- Detailed and accurate 3D models
- Custom exterior animations
- Hundreds of animated 3D gauges for smooth gauge operations
- Glass reflection and dust maps
- Working AFCS (automatic flight control system)
- Fully interactive virtual cockpit, perfectly flyable form the VC view
- Different closeup VC camera views for better instrument and panel access
- High definition sounds by Sonicsolutions
- Realistic system procedures
- PDF manual
- Paintkit (download)


This addon requires Acceleration Expansion Pack for FSX preinstalled to run properly.

2012-05-16   psophro:
encore de nouvelle heures de vol sur une nouvelle machine.

bon vol a tous.
2012-05-19   Daniel George:
Really nice release. Finally a Squirrel of any sort with sliding doors on either side of the cabin. My only gripes with the release are minor and one of them a bit pedantic: (1) The Shift-E (1-4) shortcut doesn't work - all the doors aside from the pilot's have to be manually opened with the mouse from the inside of the VC; and (2) both this and the AS350 have the door handles turning upwards instead of downwards like the real Squirrels do, even when the instruction is actually clearly depicted on the skins. In any case, a very worthwhile investment and hopefully these minor issues will be rectified in the near future.
2012-05-27   Thomas Schedl:
a short review:

+ Exteriour model is great

+ it's a AS355, the only one for FSX!

+ outstanding performance in DX10 preview

flight model maybe too sensitive but honestly don't know how a real AS355 is on controls
2012-05-28   Iwan Plomp:
i also use helicopter with FSPassengers. and if i use FSPassengers with this helicopter the rudder padals Ciclic and collective in the virtual cockpit dont move anymore.

for the rest. i like it.
2012-06-01   Iwan Plomp:
Sorry. it was my mistake. its o.k. fs[assengers opens the door automatickly, and thats activates the autopilot in this chopper. with stops the movement off the flighthandels... so its fine....!!!