Eurocopter EC-130 B4 (FSX Steam Edition)

The EC-130 is a lightweight single engine helicopter based on modern technology and built with modula cabin that can accomodate one pilot and up to seven passengers.

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  • The Turbomeca Arriel 2B1 turboshaft, 632 kW (847 shp) turbine engine with FADEC (Full Automatic Digital Engine Control) system with a third independent and automatic back-up channel, provides increased power. Integrated VFR equipment coupled with a Global Positioning System (GPS) are standard for day and night missions.

    All EC130 systems are newly improved and very easy to maintain. Thanks to its formidable visibility, quietness, comfort, performance and safety, this versatile helicopter is a key member of Eurocopter’s Ecureuil family.

    With the VEMD, the pilot can concentrate solely on the mission, thus enhancing flight safety. The EC130's cockpit has enough space for the installation of a fully integrated tactical instrument and equipment console.


    This addon represents the B4 variant in four different configurations, each with two liveries:

    - Standard passenger transport with analog instrumentation

    - Standard passenger transport with digital LCD intrumentation

    - Passenger transport with luggage baskets

    - Passenger transport with emergency float


    Some of the features:

    - Detailed exterior and interior models

    - Custom dirt and rain windshield effects that can be enabled/disabled in flight

    - Dozens of custom effects and animations

    - Night cockpit lighting

    - Custom 3D gauges

    - Basic 2D panel functionalities

    - Tooltips

    - Fully interactive virtual cockpit

    - Working float on the emergency float variant

    - Easy to read PDF operation manual



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    The workmanship of all Nemeth helicopters is beautiful, but they need to spend more time on the flight dynamics. You get one and the things sluggish, and you get another and its way over sensitive. I realize that not all helicopters fly the same, but there is way to much difference in most of the birds. I must say out of all the Nemeth birds I have the EC135 is probably the best flying and my favorite. This new EC130 is so sensitive you have to cut the realism off practically to stabilize it all. This one needs work and I hope the patch for it dosn't take 6 months like the one for the AW109 did.


    Great aircraft. As for the sound; since both aircraft use practically the same engine variant I would imagine that the engine sounds would be very similar. The EC130 uses a Turbomeca Arriel 2B1 while the AS350 uses a Turbomeca Arriel 2B turboshaft.


    The sounds is same of the AS350 and the aircraft is very sensitive. Design and functions very good. Please fixed that on a future patch.


    overall great aircraft but it is to sensitive to fly like the as350 . please fix it.


    When I saw this aircraft I loved it, however when It came out I bought it. Keeping in mind that I know how Nemeth creates aircraft after having flown them before. Well I wasn't too impressed and wasn't to happy that I spent this kind of money on the aircraft. First there is a huge weight and balance issue as in other Nemeth aircraft, in order to fly properly you have to delete the weight of all passenger and set the cargo to the max usually 1200, plus you have to reduce fuel because you're now overweight. The inside is okay and can please the average flight sim pilot. You get great FPS overall as this aircraft is FPS friendly. The functionality of the instruments seems to be substandard and could've had more work done on them. Sounds of the aircraft seem to be those of other Nemeth aircraft, still more works should be done in this department. Overall I say buy it if you enjoy Eurocopter like me, but keep in mind the weight and balance issue. Nemeth should put more work into the proper weight and balance of their aircraft before releasing them to the flight sim community.



    Same sounds of the AS350, what a frustrating situation!!!!!!, COME ON!!!!, you just copied the same sounds, there's no typical fenestron tail rotor sound, very bad, not even real...flying the EC130 with the same sounds of the AS350 is like flying the same AS350 under the EC130 name and body frame, and that's not real...I paid 100% for an EC130, which is EC130 model and EC130 sounds, not the model and the AS350 sounds again, otherwise, I want half of my money back...because I received half of an EC130...

    Again Nemeth, doesn't want to invest in great sounds as they did on the AS350, you just want to sell thousand of copies and gain more without paying for real sounds...easy right???, NO Nemeth, that's not good...hope you understand...not even professional, selling a product with the same sounds of a previous released model...NO!, even if they're similar...I really hope you can fix that on a future patch


    muito bom

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    Eurocopter EC-130 B4 (FSX Steam Edition)

    Eurocopter EC-130 B4 (FSX Steam Edition)

    The EC-130 is a lightweight single engine helicopter based on modern technology and built with modula cabin that can accomodate one pilot and up to seven passengers.

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