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MBB/Kawasaki BK-117 B2 (FSX)


It is a twin engine helicopter whose rugged but sleek design and large cabin interior provides mission versatility without sacrificing comfort.It is one of the world's leading Medevac and Search & Rescue helicopters. Besides its low vibration level in flight, the BK117 provides easy loading and unloading of stretcher patients using 2 large rear clamshell doors.


This addon represents the B2 variant with four configurations:

- Smple passenger transport with reversed seats
- Passenger transport with extended nose sensor dome
- Medevac with extended nose sensor dome
- Medevac with winch

Some of the features:

- Full support for FSX visual features for both inside and outside(shadows, bump effect, bloom)
- High definition exterior and interior textures
- Bump and specual maps for both the exterior and interior
- Detailed and accurate 3D models- Custom exterior animations
- Animated 3D gauges for smooth gauge operations
- Working AFCS (with limitations)
- Fully interactive virtual cockpit, perfectly flyable form the VC view
- Different closeup VC camera views for better instrument and panel access
- High definition sounds by Sonicsolutions
- Realistic system procedures
- Basic 2D panel functionalities
- Tooltips
- Easy to read PDF operation manual
- Paintkit




This addon requires Acceleration Expansion Pack for FSX pre-installed to run properly.

2014-12-08   Guest:
Isn´t this model a C1? Outside it looks like a C1, the Cockpit like a B2. And will there come some updates for example an other winch?
2014-12-08   Guest:
It's the B2. The C1 has different engines.

Additional features in a later update depend on the popularity of the product. Has not been determined yet.

Best regards,
2014-12-10   Guillaume Thivend-Vialle:
hI !
How to use the winch please ?
Where is the hoist switch ??

Thanks !
2014-12-10   Guest:
Default FSX hoist activation command. Then default FSX hoist extend/retract commands.
2014-12-10   David Blake-Burles:
I can not get is going with out doing CTRL E not shore if any one ells has the same problem and its also missing the back square thing at the back of the Skids
2014-12-10   Guillaume Thivend-Vialle:
About the winch.
CTRL+U it's ok.
But "J" and "K" nothing.
2014-12-10   Guest:
how detailled is the physics model on this heli? and do the engine controls work lke in real life?
2014-12-10   Guest0007:
I have a question about your products. The best product you made for me is the AW109. I like the blades turning so mutch. Like in real, smooth and slowly begins the blade turning. But at your new products the blades are in about 10 sec at 100% RPM, or when idle at about 75%. Why you don´t take this in your new products? For me a big and important question. Looking forward to get an answer :)
2014-12-11   jeremy borderie:
I would like to buy this helicopter. but before I have a question please for those who already bought this product.
How is the flight dynamics ? Because I am looking for realistic model and I have doubt after EC130..
thanks in advance
2014-12-11   Sinesio C Brito:
Yes, indeed, I am also in doubt after the EC130, need to know how is the flight dynamics: if it is equal to the EC130, I'm out; but is at least reasonable, I am interested! Please let us know!
2014-12-11   Johnny:
Yes please! Please a fix with the blade starting like in the AW109!!
2014-12-15   Reggie:
After some time trying to understand the aircraft, the flight dynamics are okay to fly with and it looks beautiful inside and out but starting the flight with the aircraft sometimes running or sometimes shutting down and its hit and miss whether it will start with CTRL + E and even with the fuel load to a minimum and only the pilot weight I'm still pulling most of my takeoff power past 50kts to stay straight and level!
2014-12-15   christian:
pour moi cette appareille est superbe rien a dire trop réel
le treuille fonctionne très bien appareille très performant en montagne
2014-12-30   Senta:
Will there be a fix with the blade turn starting like in the AW109? It will be awesome!
2015-02-23   Gerhard Riedl:
Habe die BK117 und bin draufgekommen das keine Positionsleuchten,Anti-Kollisionslichter und Blitzlichter gehn. Dann habe ich gesehn das in der aircraft Datei keine Light Datei vorhanden ist kann mir da jemand helfen ?
2015-05-05   Albert:
This BK117 needs more power and better flight dynamics.
When sound is missing the startup procedure and the model is a little too round
2017-12-15   Andrew Oyster:
I cannot figure out how to download this.