Mil Mi-35 “Super Hind” (FSX/FSXSE/P3D)


The Mil Mi-35 is the modernized version of the well known attack/low capacity transport helicopter, the Mil Mi-24 “Hind”.

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The Mil Mi-35 (Super Hind) is the most advanced version of the famous Mi-24 series helicopters, developed by the South African Advanced Technologies and Engineering.

ATE’s developments are focused on that the original Mi-24 deficiencies were in regards of night-combat capabilities, fire-power, reliability and troublesome and expensive logistics. This included a removal of most of obsolete, Soviet-made avionics — only the air data system, rate gyros and radar altimeter were retained. This resulted in weight reduction of more than 1,800 kilograms. The company made the Super Hind Mk.III user-friendly and maintainable even under most primitive conditions

New doppler radar, GPS-assisted navigational system, the ARINC Mil-Std 1553 data-bus, the Carl Zeiss Optronics Argos 410-Z airborne observation system turret, a dual-feed, hydraulically driven Vektor F2 chain turret with a 20-millimeter GIAT cannon and South African-made ZT-3 Ingwe anti-tank guided missiles were among the many installed upgrades.



  • 3 paint themes.
  • Detailed exterior and interior models
  • Custom snow and rain windshield effects
  • Hundreds of custom animations on the exterior and interior models
  • Night cockpit lighting
  • Fully clickable dynamic virtual cockpit
  • 3D animated instruments
  • Based on original blueprints, documentations
  • PDF manual
  • Support for multiple platforms*

* MS Flight Simulator X with Acceleration, MS Flight Simulator X Steam Edition, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4


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